For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here.


Q: How do I Qualify to Buy my First Home?
A: Call us at Riverside Mortgage and we will walk you through the prequalifying procedure that will create your commitment letter.
Q: How can I Find out My Credit Score?
A: Call Riverside Mortgage and we can pull your credit report at no expense.
Q: How Much Home can I afford?
A: Divide your monthly debt by your monthly income to determine your debt to income ratio. Once known, we can plug the number into our formula to know how much you qualify for.
Q: Will My credit score go Down if people pull my credit?
A: Possible but not necessarily. Please note that no lender will approve a loan without pulling credit.
Q: Do I need a real estate Agent?
A: We believe a real estate agent is a huge asset. If you prefer not to have one we can discuss your Individual situation with you.
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